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 Alumni Club

For GM Retirees in Buncombe, Henderson, Polk, Rutherford
& Transylvania Counties In Western North Carolina







See a notice on the bulletin board for the status of a December 2017 luncheon and future 2018 luncheon dates.


Please contact any board member if you have question or comments.


This web site will be updated weekly to keep you updated of club activity.

Last 2017 Meeting

Paul Indelicato will entertain us at the December holiday luncheon at the Hendersonville Country Club on December 7, 2017

Luncheon Reservation



2018 Meetings

See the notice on the bulletin board for the status of future meetings


Feel free to contact any board member (info here) with your concerns and comments

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2016 Membership Directory


WNC GM Alumni Photos from Over the Years


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Page 2  About WNC GM Alumni Club

· 2016 board members


Page 3 “GM Retiree News

· Medicare Enrollment Pointers

· The Secret To Chronic Happiness As You Age

· Shedding New Light on Hospice Care

· How To Put The ‘Non-Age’ in Nonagenarian

· Medicare’s Financial Outlook Slightly Improved

· WNC GM Alumni membership roster (members only)


Page 4 Bulletin Board (Club member information)

· WNC GM Alumni Club Status

· 2016 Luncheon Photos

· 2009 WNC GM Alumni member photos


Page 5 GM Retiree Resource Information

· Recycling Mercury Products in Henderson County



Page 6 “Internet Links”

· GM Right Notes

· NRLN Useful Internet Links For Retirees

· US Postal Inspection Service “Guide to Preventing Mail Fraud”

· Quick Reference Directory Now Available on GM US Retirees
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· Purchase Genuine GM Parts

· GM Employee Parts Purchase Information

· Employee Vehicle Purchase Program

· Link to GM Heritage Center


Page 7 “GM & Other Auto News

· 2017 Woodward Dream Cruise

· Factory One GM Heritage Site in Flint - where it all started

· 1960 Corvair Promotional Video

· Back to the 50’s Car Show

· Wards Auto Flashback


Page 8—Newsletters

· December 2017 WNC GM Newsletter

· December 2017 CERC newsletter


Page 9 - -WNC GM Alumni Photo Archives


Page 10   “Other Retiree Clubs”

· GM Golden Handshake Retirement Club added

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Page 11 …. Recent Death Notices
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Frank Zamborsky

Mary Merkel

Chloe Boehm


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2017 WNC GM Alumni membership roster

Updated April 21, 2017

Please note the roster is password protected

Only WNC GM Alumni members are given the password


If you’re a current member and don’t have the password contact membership director Arnie Dzick



Click the link below to view Arnie’s photo album from the December 1st Luncheon
at the Hendersonville Country Club


Click here for the album

Below are a Couple of Auto Industry Related Newsletters from the
GM Tech Center Area that will be updated weekly